April 26, 2023 1 min read

1. You make your payments on time.

You should do a great job in making all of your payments on time. The purpose of a credit score is to help lenders predict whether or not you will miss payments in the future, so keeping your record clean is a very positive factor.

2. You should not max out your credit limits.

Credit cards are considered "maxed-out" when you have spent 90% or more of the credit limit. Lenders view you as someone who uses their credit responsibly and spends only what they can afford.

3. You should build a strong relationship with lenders.

Lenders recognize that with higher credit limits comes increased responsibility, and that you have managed to build strong relationships with other lenders. Your relatively high credit limits signal to lenders that you are a trustworthy candidate for new lines of credit.

4. You should not spend beyond your means.

You do not apply for a lot of new accounts. Having a lot of inquiries on your credit report worries lenders, because it is a sign that you may use credit and loans to supplement your income and might be spending beyond your means.

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